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We wish to inform you that our bounty program ACTIVE S3 has kicked off with sponsorship of one of China’s biggest investors in crypto firms.

We urge all investors new/old to use this medium to grow their referral and win amazing bonuses.
We are giving out bonuses to celebrate this upcoming special day for all our investors celebrating, Any deposit from 100$ attracts an instant extra bonus of 7% while any deposit from 500$ attracts an instant bonus of 15% while any deposit from 1000$ above attracts an instant extra bonus of 25%. ALSO $10,000 Attracts an instant bonus of $3000. The bonus does not affect your usual mining profits as you will get the profits too.

Note that when your active referral is up-to 10, you automatically qualify to become your region representative (all documentation will be sent over via email) with an added bonus of $1500 monthly which can be withdrawn to start our partnership with you.

Best regards